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“I have been very impressed with the quality and range of work Doug Sadler and PMG have done in support of the mission of the Trust for the National Mall. Ours is a large, national effort … PMG truly listened to what we were trying to say and brought creative ideas to the table that helped elevate our message and effectively target it to different audiences … I would highly recommend them for any communications project.”
– Chip Akridge, Founder and Chairman, Trust for the National Mall

“… Helped me develop our brand identity, tagline, communications strategy and video content … From brand identity to research to strategic consulting they really do it all and very well.”
– Alex Haschen, Founder BOOST Fitness

“A tremendous asset to the promotion of our company’s global branding and marketing message .. PMG brings a very creative and professional approach to all facets of global marketing.”
– David Briggs, President – Papillon Agricultural Company

“Smart and creative … not only a source of good ideas and strategic thinking but also someone who takes the time up front to listen and listen well.”
– Tom Kivett, Managing Director – Kivett & Co. Communications, NYC

“… takes complex and sensitive topics and makes them immediately understandable and appealing in their elegant simplicity … the resulting projects engendered lasting good will from our audiences.”
– Patti Willis, Sr. VP Strategy and Communications, University of Maryland Shore Regional Health

“…really “got” the product, our target audience and what we wanted to communicate. In addition, we needed a quick turnaround, which Doug provided for us … a great experience working with Doug and PMG.”
– Melissa Peirano, General Manager, Heartland Campus Solutions

“… a wonderful combination of creative vision and practical reality that can be rare in this industry. He really gets the business and product side of things and is great at turning that into a compelling visual and narrative story.
– Liz McDonnell, Vice President, G&S Communications, NYC

“…the website and the videos are absolutely beautiful, clear, concise, and moving. Your creativity and vision are very much evident here.“
– Jean Wortman, Project Manager, Maryland Humanities Council

“… never have I seen a firm deliver a unanimously pleased executive audience in the first iteration. They listened to our story, and it produced a ‘hit the nail on the head’ experience!”
– Anne Ashley, Senior VP Marketing and Communications

“They have been able to grasp the essence of the technology that we market and effectively communicate it to our target audience. We have been completely satisfied with the creativity in the work and the adherence to some pretty tough deadlines.”
– Tom Haschen, Founder, Papillon Agricultural Company


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